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Who are you ?

Why the name ?
Just because ...
A Long story ...
To make it short, it's comes from the English "What the hell", mixed with a NY accent.
This is a scream I had often on my mind when I started studying in the UK.
The umlaut gives a celtic touch to this nickname.

I have created WadRobotFramework, a framework to create robots for Google Wave.
Find it on its own site while Wave lasts code.google.com/p/wadrobotframework/
More info on it in my publications.

The techs I like are : Google Wave,GWT, GAE/J, Android, JEE6

Those days, I'm a professional in I.T, specialized in Java, living near Versailles.

If you want to contact me for business, you can find me on Viadeo and LinkedIn or simply send an email (my nickname at gmail dot com).

Jérôme BATON

So you've done some


I like the web, such a rich media !

While some try to backup it, I attempt to fill it :)
I have published :

Short stories (in French)
  • Mon beau pantalon militaire >>>
  • Si tu t'appeles mélancolie .... pleures un coup ! >>>
  • Bouquet champêtre >>>

Tech-related presentations and articles
  • (FR) Robots pour Google Wave avec le WadRobotFramework >>>
  • (FR) WadRobotFramework pour JumpCamp4IT >>>
  • (EN) Your CLI in the cloud >>>

French readers, I have proposed a new article for developpez.com, could be the start of a new serie. Wait & see ...

  • (FR) Télécommander son appareil photo Canon avec une calculatrice TI85 >>>

Other sites
  • (FR) Contrepeteries.free.fr >>>
  • (EN+FR) My blog , Le WadaBlog >>>

No kidding,

It's my shots !


Photography is my hobby, without pretentions, I have put a selection of shots I realised at this adress http://jeromeb.free.fr/g5

Hope you'll like them.


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